miercuri, 8 iulie 2009

Grey's, my love

So I am watching Grey's Anatomy again. I'm not counting anymore, but it's probably the sixth time. And I just realized why I liked it so much and why it helped me back then, when I was a complete and utter mess. Not than I am not anymore, just not so much.

I saw myself in Meredith. I was just like her, dark and twisty, heart'broken and miserable. And everything that happened to her affected me. And that was good. Really. Because it made me forget about my own problems.

So, yeah, it's nice watching it again. It makes me see how much I've grown. Not as much as she has, if I come to think about the fifth season, but what the hell, I've just started the second season.

By the way, I am back. I think. We'll see.

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